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Meet Jenn Moss

Pouring Joy into Moss Moments & Designs

Joy at the Heart of Design & Party Planning

"JOY" is literally my middle name.  As a perpetual party planner and helpful home enhancer, I strive to celebrate the extraordinary, and perhaps more importantly, the ordinary in life by sprinkling smile-worthy details into my “Moss”ed up home creations and celebrations. 

Growing up as a preachers’ daughter, I moved into residences known as parsonages (homes owned by the church provided to the pastor’s family).  As a result, making the “Moss” out of new spaces and places became a highly developed skill requiring budget-friendly imagination and implementation.

After earning a Master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication, my professional career first found me in development and recruitment in higher education.  Most recently, my experience rested for years in executive search as a Principal recruiting leaders for the government and corporations.  Through it all, a deep appreciation for understanding the importance of each person’s story has been at the heart of what I do, and apply this into each décor design and event executed to honor people with a purpose.    

With the hope of leaving a lasting impression on my oldest (and only child at the time), I stepped away from executive search to explore the wild world with my son before he began kindergarten.  However, two weeks before my son started school, the grand title of Big Brother was bestowed to him.  In fact, we grew from a 'Family of 3' to the ‘Moss Party of 5’ after I successfully carried boy/girl twins to full-term.

Despite a non-traditional path of soul searching and unlocking my passion for interior decorating and designing dazzling events, I welcome you to join in the journey.  As you will quickly learn, my “wee three” (children) inspire me to aspire to new heights as I grow as a creative professional, and I hope what I share here stirs joy in your life and in the lives of your loved ones!  

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Jennifer J. Moss

Darnestown, Maryland

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