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The Wizarding World of Decorating - Harry Potter's Hogwarts Haven

Because every little thing he does is magic, I created a Hogwarts haven bedroom that has hopefully cast a spell on my oldest son that would even impress Harry Potter. From Golden Snitches with flapping wings to the Book of Monsters with a nasty snarl, I wanted him to feel as though his room was fueled by his favorite fictional fantasy.

The transformation of this room to capture the Houses of Hogwarts was not as easy as the wave of a wand. The hardest challenge to overcome with designing plans was to first close the chapter on the marvelous memories it had held. Previously, it was a room where my now 7-year-old and I spent countless hours, as he learned his letters and numbers, and eventually began to read and do math. It was a sacred and special spot for my first child who was my one and only for 5 years.

Before becoming Platform 9 3/4, the room was referred to as my son's 'Library'. Filled with books, puzzles, board games, and "creation stations" for crafts (see below), it was originally dedicated to the love of learning. Oh how those four walls hold enchanting memories of the two of us together from when he was 'little'. Despite how many coats of paint it may see in our time, he and I will never forget those precious and prized memories.

A trip to Universal Studios helped stir creativity to envision how Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley might concoct creative decorations. While the design of his room was complete before the release of Pottery Barn's new line dedicated to the 'Wizarding World', it was important to capture the British charm, warmth, and authenticity desired in a timeless way in line with J.K. Rowling's writings.

After searching high and low, I turned to my DIY nature, and Home Goods hunting skills to tie his room together. The first two items as my source of inspiration were (1) tracking down vintage suitcases to suspend from the wall in a mystifying fashion, and (2) a Slytherin green velvet chair with a fur throw that would delight sorcerers of any size. Pillows shipped from Poland designed by Nivia Workshop, to colorful Hogwarts signs by Sparkle Nest, to Daily Prophet front page news by Samery Paper, right down to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff cork coasters by Figment and Fable were all made by experts through Etsy.

While I pray he does not 'solemnly swear to be up to no good', I can only imagine the stories that will be written by my son in the days ahead as he grows older and wiser with this room. It is my hope this tribute to Harry Potter helps him as well as you feel inspired to cast a spell in your own magical worlds!

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