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Just In Time for Justin Time

Because they brought Justin back.... this crazy mama don't know how to act!!!

Channeling my inner starstruck 6th grader, a Justin Timberlake Halftime Show Party was just what the doctor ordered to cease the winter doldrums and unfurl creativity to celebrate the new self-proclaimed Man of the Woods. While I might 'Cry Me a River' if 'What Goes Around Doesn't Come Back Around' with a return to dawning a 'Suit & Tie' on stage, regardless of his wardrobe choice, I may have a slight addiction to 'My Love', Mr. JT.

As you'll see above, I kicked off the preparation process by creating a point of inspiration with helmet lollipops, suit and tie treat boxes filled with chocolates, and a football field honoring 'Justin Time'.

For the banner moment of Mr. Timberlake's return to the Super Bowl stage after a 14 year wait, designing banners seemed most fitting. So I managed to make a few...

To prepare to 'Take Back the Night', I put 'Sunshine in My Pocket' and additional signage on walls and music notes with fishing line magically filling the air from our upper level railing ...

What Justin Timberlake Halftime Show Party would be complete without food glorious food... including a stadium of a snack attack?!? In order to keep a 'SexyBack' it's important to 'Say Something' here... we don't always always chow down like this or we'd perhaps need to adjust our 'Mirrors'.

Of course, making the right fashion statement is important... so I proudly wore my 'HALTIME' women's jersey t-shirt dawning the face of JT. My two sons sported black and white tuxedo shirts made by The Red Caboose on Etsy, and 2 year-old-daughter sported top (see below) created by Glitter And Glam Shoppe...

Because I 'Cant' Stop the Feeling' of the joy kids bring to festivities, I always love to stock up on party swag appropriate for the theme of the evening along with crafts that children of any age can create without making for a monstrous mess at the end of the night.

Just in time for Justin Time, the Man of the Woods who was indeed the Man of the Hour arrived on cue for pictures with guests...

While our bar area was equipped with quotes from Mr. Timberlake's 'I Can't Drink You Away', a party is never truly 'Moss'ed up without the a punny customized bottle of H20. For this special occasion I added 'Water We Celebrating? The JT Halftime Show'.

During an evening of friends, fun, football, festivities, and fancy dance moves, unfortunately, there is a 'Filthy' aspect to cleaning up the aftermath from the event. I can't fathom a better way to do so than gazing at Mr. JT. Oh how he makes washing dishes feel not so clean... ;-)

Thanks to all who helped us 'Dance, Dance, Dance' the night away... at least until the next Justin Timberlake Halftime Show!!!

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