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Valentine Time Pinch? Steal Hearts in a Cinch!

Can you heart-ly believe Valentine's Day is tomorrow? If you're not quite ready to be struck by cupid's arrow, here are a few tricks to save the day. So snag cardstock, scissors, glue, and your favorite chocolate treat (for you to snack on, of course) to create crafts your kids will fall head over heels in love with.

When In Doubt, Let the Punny Out!

Nothing says "I Love You" better than a play on words. If you're short on grandiose gestures, worry not as the effort you place into showing off your wit will make the day "dog gone" "mice" and I'm not "lion". You can alpha-"bet" on that!

Whether someone has "hopped" their way into your lily pad of love...

Or you need to "pepper" those around you with "grape" expressions of your gratitude, "lettuce" "peas" not forget to show how your heart "beets" for them.

This year my wee three went with valentine humor that hopefully gives their friends a giggle over (1) "Sip-Sip Hooray" silly straws with valentine candy on the back as a surprise, (2) "Will you o'fish'ally be my Valentine" Goldfish goodies, and (3) "We 'mermaid' to be friends" Swedish fish ....

Get Carried Away with Your Ideas

Let your ideas sore to new heights as you assemble a hot air balloon using straws, small bowl, balloon, stickers, and twine!

Valentines Dough Love Keepsakes

By mixing 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1/2 cup of water 'knead' we say more about how to leave a lasting impression on your sweetheart?

After your ingredients are stirred well together, knead the dough for ~10-15 minutes while singing love songs. Then flatten out the dough with a roller and break out the cookie cutters! (Remember when placing wee hands in the dough to cover them first in flour to ensure they don't stick.) If you want to your shapes easy to hang, use a straw at the top of your design to punch a hole into the dough for your twine or ribbon at the very end.

Place your creation on a cookie sheet with parchment paper into the over for 2 hours at 250 degrees. After a playground trip or long afternoon nap, your little ones can add the final touches with paint, glitter, and/or markers.

Make It a Date with Paint!

Break out your favorite paint colors and brushes while adding color to a word that expresses just how much your loved one brightens your days!

Do Go Bacon My Heart...

Find frig favorites to whip foods into treat shapes your family and friends will heart-ily feast upon!

Make sure your friends and family know you're 'nuts' over them... even if it means being super cheesy!

Dress the Heart Part

Whether you make a hat made of hearts or design attire that lights a spark, do not forget to put on your smile to show those around you how very much they mean to you on Valentine's Day and EVERY day of the year!

Happy Valentine's Day

the Moss-y Way!!!

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